Monday, September 16, 2013

the ideal savers project

Two major challenges facing determined youths in Nigeria are FINANCE and the TECHNICAL KNOW HOW of starting and running a business successfully. Nigeria holds sway of some of the most creative and determined youths in the world yet the problem of unemployment sees the better of these youths and tends to bury the greatness of the nation.
Ideas Nexus Concept seeks to end the misery of many Nigerian graduates by providing them with an avenue to equip themselves with the necessary tools and capacity to access funds and start small-scale businesses.

IDEAS NEXUS CONCEPT is an independent consultancy firm saddled with the sole purpose of networking the right ingredients of people, creativity and ideas to change lives. 

Our Mission
 To help companies stay alive and relevant by providing them with ideas to create new growth platforms that drives future revenues and profits.

Our Vision
To become a globally recognized organization committed to creating avenues for sustainable wealth creation and improved standard of living.

Event Management: This includes but are not limited to corporate events, social events, fund raising e.t.c
Data Base Management
Business Development

The problem of unemployment in Nigeria is one that is far too great for the government to tackle alone. As more youths graduate from higher institutions yearly, they are quickly lost in endless search for jobs. Although there are jobs in Nigeria, they are usually very competitive and not able to go round the majority few who are qualified. Students in higher institutions of learning are beginning to realize that the only way to survive honestly after graduation is to channel their energies into their passion, talents and gifts. Several challenges however ensure that not many of them are successful in their chosen endeavors.
·         Lack of finance
·         Lack of basic entrepreneurial and investment skills to start and run a business successfully
·         Lack of exposure
·         Lack of information
·         Lack of mentorship
The availability of these will bring out the creativity in school leavers and help them to turn their ideas into business opportunities.

Ideal Savers group is an initiative to help students overcome these challenges listed above and provide them with possible options for their future. The initiative will incorporate a savings culture that will help the students generate a part/the whole of the starting capital for their future business. This will be made possible through the partnership of the initiative with a trusted financial institution that will serve as its official savings bank. They will each be required to open individual accounts with the bank where they will deposit a minimum of a thousand naira on a monthly basis after the first deposit of two thousand naira or more needed to open the account. For the entire period they are members of the club, they will sign an agreement stating that they will not withdraw from the account until such time when they are ready to leave the group. The bank on the other hand will be mandated to pay a reasonable amount of interest on their monthly savings.
In addition, IDEAS NEXUS CONCEPT would initiate various training programs and activities that will equip the students with the skills and minimum experience they need to face the business world. The training would be in various stages that would require participants to satisfy the requirements of each stage before moving on to the next stage. These trainings and many other activities stated in later sections of this proposal are to serve as point of attractions for students to join the group and save money with the bank.


These are the direct results of our proposed program activities.
·         Generate at least 500 students in membership in each higher institution
·         Ideas fair for prospective investors to meet with successful participants
·         Establishment of miniature businesses in each school
·         48hrs training/workshop once every year
·         Internship programs

These are specific changes in attitudes, behaviors, skills and knowledge that we expect to result from our activities
·         There will be birth of new dynamic and innovative business organizations in Nigeria
·         There will be a notable reduction in unemployment in the next 5-10 years
·         There will be an increase in the business acumen of our participants
·         There will be an increase in the quality of graduates every year

·         More diverse or self-reliant local economy
·         Reduction in degree of social inequalities
·         There will be gross reduction in crime
·         Improved quality of life measures
·         Development of the economy
·         A safer and more conducive business environment
·         There will be more positive thinking youths in Nigeria
·         Increase in the confidence of Nigerian youths
·         There will be an improvement in the investment culture of Nigerian youths


Akpeokhai Joshua-
He is a graduate of banking and finance from the University of Benin. He was once the president of a Christian fellowship with a gross membership of 2000 members while in school.
Idogho Ichiako-
He holds a B.eng in mechanical engineering from the University of Benin coupled with a number of Microsoft vendor certifications.
Umoru Moses-
He holds a in banking and finance from the University of Benin. He was the speaker of his faculty parliament while in school and an astute administrator.
Ajibade Odiame John-
He holds a in business administration from the University of Benin. He is a member of the International Project Management Professionals (IPMP) and the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).